A duo with fellow flautist Keiron Phelan. We formed in 2009 to record a predominantly flute based album, ‘The Edge Blown Aerophone’, which was released on Second Language Records in 2010. Our second album ‘Pi Magpie’ was released in 2013 with the third, ‘Three’, released in June 2016.

The Doomed Bird of Providence

The Doomed Bird of Providence started out in London in 2009 as a means for Mark Kluzek to write songs about early colonial times in Australia. I joined the band in 2011 and played on Blind Mouths Eat, Maria Murray EP and the ambitious Burrowed Into the Soft Sky.  We play regular live shows and are currently working on a new album.

The Sly & Unseen

A duo with Hibernate Records label owner Jonathan Lees. We record melodic, melancholic pieces focusing on acoustic instrumentation and organic sounds